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Shooting videos in Barcelona We are Content Creators

we love shooting videos in Barcelona

Barcelona is the perfect place for inspiration: People from all over the world gather in this high energetic point of the planet to nurture from thousands of years of intense beauty and cultural exchange.

We are a group of designers / marketers / artists who learned the video language; we do corporate videos, videos for marketing campagins, videos for content marketing, videoclips, documentaries, shortfilms, aerial, 360, 3D virtual tours, events coverage, among others.

What we do

Product Reviews

This is the new way to showcase products on your WebSite or any other multimedia channel!

2d Animation

The right combination of illustrations, videos, sound, music and words are key for empower your message.

Commercial Spots

Invite them to engage and connect with your services / products.

Events Coverage

The best way to collect and express the best momments emotions and experiences your friends and clients lived in your special momment.


Discover a new way to make interviews, transforming them into powerful and engaging pieces.


the new mínimum product for your music marketing is the videoclip, not the song.

Interactive 3d Tours

Its time to take your Real State to the state of the art! We do 3D Interactive tours that will inmerse you into the space, along with interactive multimedia data to create the ultimate sales experience.

Drone Services

Along with Drone Projects Barcelona, we do Aerial, 360 , timelapse videos and photography for Real State, engineering, topography, agriculture or urbanistic purposes.

Social Media Clips

The new way to connect with your social media audience goes far beyond posters and photos! go depper with the conent you share.

Real State Showcase Videos

When you need to offer a better remote experience to awake potential buyers interst, you will need more than photos.

Event Invites

Need a lot of engagement for your upcomming event? Lets do a video event invite! Bring them closer to the real deal.

The 6 must in video marketing

I talk to today´s audiences

I must trascend simple / traditional communications forms to get my message properly delivered.

Their emotions on my side

My videos trigger emotions which are the best conductor for perception and action. I´ve learned to talk to their hearts.

Deper, faster

The proper techniques and storytelling allows my videos to deliver more information in less time.

entertain and inform

I look forward to develop balance between richness, depth and asthetics in my videos so they can have more use and value to my audience.

I deliver experiences

Whatever my market is, i go beyond traditional marketing and create experiences, hard for my clients to forget.

Constantly improving

The audiovisual world is constantly evolving... fast!; for my message to reach it's destination i also must improve my video production... constantly; i know it's hard but i will make it.

Agencia de Video Marketing en Barcelona