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Our Story

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It has been a long long journey since 1995

We started providing design services in 1995, beggining with graphic and web design. Since then we have always dealt with the fact that many of our clients didn't see their investment return or make profit.

It was unavoidable to question ourselves... Are  we good enough? what are we missing? So we made our best effort to provide a high quality service, improve our design skills exponentially, learned how to write, shoot videos, animate and produce audiovisuals, we learned social media, processes optimization, we integrated more technologies and widen up our services catalog so we became a marketing agency, adding strategic marketing planning, training, workshops and many other services.

Our quality improved a lot, we grew a lot, we learned a lot, we made earnings, but...

Guess What... Things did not change much. Why?

Clients still losing money, marketing strategies incomplete, beautiful web sites being abandoned, frustration everywhere... What is happening?

After a lot of thinking and research we found out some reasons that could help understand:

Marketing is a learning process

Since we always specialized in new companies, startups and entreperneurs, we discover that doing marketing from scratch always involve a learning process that always take time, energies and money. Most of the learning was about all the things NOT to be done and most of the investment was in money. Most of our clients thought that hiring an agency was enough...

But it wasn't.

Marketing is changing, fast.

We realize that the whole show was evolving, audiences were becoming more and more demanding, competition became much more fierce, listings more crowded and advertising became more and more rejected by consumers. So traditional strategies started to show less and less results; along with them, traditional or shy clients and their strategies.

We HATE Advertising

Yes we do. We hate the intromisive, fake, overexposed advertising spots, we despite those preprocesed messages, overoptimized sets and fake promises, just to be seen and taken in account. Dont get us wrong, we love creation and to connect companies and audiences, but we do HATE advertising.

The Answer

We evolved to become a Content Marketing Agency, helping businesses to connect with their audicences by using all our skills, experience and knowledge to create interesting, useful, engaging and entertaining content that not only bring attention to the client's brand but to bring some meaning, relevance, use and emotion to their audience's lives.

The new content marketing trend is about to contribute to the whole humanity quest for experience and knowledge, doing marketing with your essence and reality.

So we became specialists in bringing the best of our client´s strenghts to create experiences, engagement and profit.

¡Comencemos a trabajar!
20 de febrero del 2019
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